Things Newly-Weds Can Do To Strengthen Their Marriage Vows

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As much as a wedding is about the decorations, the dress, the bride, and the reception, the major point of the big day is joining bride and groom in holy matrimony. Joining in holy matrimony comes down to the marriage vows and how you pledge your love to your spouse. Dealing with the marriage vows can be frustrating and very intimidating; however we have some easy tips for strengthening your Louisiana marriage vows.

Baton Rouge  Traditional – The traditional marriage vows can seem a little stiff and unfeeling for the more modern bride. If sticking to tradition is a must, or you just don’t know what else to use, try replacing lines of the vows with your own creations. Down here in Louisiana we take culture and heritage to heart, stories and tales are passes from father to son, mother to daughter and husband to wife. This makes the Louisiana marriage vows some of the strongest in the nation.This takes a little pressure off of writing your own vows and makes the traditional vows a little more personal.

  Create Your Own – Stepping away from tradition can be a great way to strengthen your vows to each other because they are unique as you. You can use the traditional vows as a template for your vows, or create your own template of three things you like about your spouse and three promises. Don’t be afraid to make the vows all about you and your spouse, you are the ones getting married.

Choose Words Wisely – One of the best ways to strengthen your vows is choosing the right words. If the traditional vows aren’t strong enough, replace the words with Louisiana Cajun weddings that are stronger and sure to last longer This can be a somewhat daunting task, but crack open your thesaurus and start searching. Choosing the right words can explain your love better and make your promises as serious as they are.

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Mix and Match – If writing your own vows is not your style, or you cannot bear the thoughts of just using the traditional vows, mix and match your own. Take a little from this vow and a little from that, to create vows that are meaningful to you and your groom. Consider even having different vows for you and your groom to make sure you cover all the things you want to promise each other, and how much you love each other.

Seriously – If you just can’t find the right words for your vows or they just seem too “stuffed shirt,” and serious, take the happier road. Pull from real experiences you and your groom have had that describe how much you love each other and your dedication to one another. Your marriage is supposed to be a joyous occasion, so let loose and have fun with your vows.


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