Before Hiring Your Wedding Planner

Things to Consider Before Hiring the Right Wedding Coordinator

For a young couple just starting their lives together, weddings can quickly take a toll on a bride and groom’s relationship. Not only is there the planning, decorating, and selecting the wedding party, but there are family members upsetting the apple cart of planning at any time. Luckily, wedding coordinators are there to keep everything in place and everyone in check. However, there are some things to consider when hiring the right wedding coordinator:

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 The Interview

The first step in selecting a wedding coordinator is meeting for an interview. Make sure to ask questions that ideal with their work history, experience, and overall skills. If a coordinator cannot talk openly about their work history, weddings they have planned and the type of clients they have worked for, you should reconsider. Many wedding planners do not have the experience or professional training to handle the tasks of coordinating an entire wedding. If you have extravagant dreams for your wedding, but your wedding coordinator lacks essential skills, you will simply be wasting your money on a coordinator and be doing all the work yourself.

A Listening Ear

When you first sit down with your wedding planner and discussing your plans, make sure they are listening. If they can’t capture your vision or create your dream wedding on your budget, you should probably find a new coordinator. However, your wedding coordinator should also be open and honest with you about your vision and your budget; sometimes you need a little reality check. Don’t be afraid to pick your wedding coordinator’s brain for an alternative option that will still fit in your budget. Not only will this test their skill, but it will prove if your wedding planner has been listening to your requests.

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Counting the Cost

Weddings in Baton RougeHiring another person to take care of your big day may seem like a needless expense to the most organized and budgeted bride. But coordinators can help make connections that you yourself can’t make. Plus, they know how the business works and can make deals with vendors that a bride wouldn’t be able to. For the bride who just can’t afford a wedding coordinator from the beginning stages to the day of, there are day-of coordinators who will make sure your big day runs smoothly. Day-of coordinators will come in just for the day, to ensure the wedding party is in the right place at the right time and unruly guests don’t crash your ceremony or reception. It’s important to meet with day-of coordinators at least a month in advance. For the fairy tale bride, there are coordinators who will gladly plan your wedding from start to finish and create the wedding celebration fit for TV.

Before a bride hires anyone to take part in her wedding, especially a coordinator, she needs to consider these few things. Making sure your wedding coordinator has the experience and the skill will ensure your wedding looks like you and not like your coordinator. As long as your coordinator is listening to your plans, and keeping your budget in mind, you are sure to have the right coordinator for your perfect day. Also visit our main site at  for more pictures and ideas for the DIY bride.

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