Decorate Your Baton Rouge Wedding Venue on a Budget

Decorating Your Baton Rouge Wedding on a Budget

Baton Rouge Weddings on a budget

When people attend weddings, they come not only as a guest, but as a critic. This can become frustrating for brides on a budget, because they feel that their wedding won’t measure up in décor. There is plenty of things budget brides sacrifice for the sake of money, but decorating is one area where you don’t want to skimp. Here are five tips to decorating your wedding venue on a small budget.

Use What You Have – Most couples use a church as their ceremony venue, which enables the budget bride to use flowers or other arrangements at the church or your Baton Rouge venue. Talk with the leader of the church or the women in the church to see what resources are available to you. You can always plan your wedding around Easter or Christmas because churches will be decked with flower arrangements.Baton Rouge Weddings on a budget

Altar Only – Budget brides have to focus their money and efforts one what is important to them and sometimes that means cutting some decorations at the ceremony. Just decorating the Baton Rouge wedding altar is a great way to save on money and create a focal point for your ceremony. If you have an outdoor wedding, creating a focal point is necessary to direct guests’ attention.

Baton Rouge Weddings on a budget

Two Birds With One Stone – A great way to save on decorations is to choose a venue that comes decorated, like a beach, mountainside, or garden. A beach or mountainside comes with a view that no one could complain about, and a garden has all the flowers you could dream of. Using the great outdoors is a great way to save on decorations but still have a beautiful wedding.Baton Rouge Weddings on a budget

Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle – When making flower arrangements consider using them at both the ceremony and reception. Bridesmaids bouquets can be used as centerpieces, or moving the decorations at the altar to the entrance of the reception. Be careful when moving arrangements, so as not to look awkward or put off guests.

Mix It Up – Instead of using the usual bunch of flowers at the Baton Rouge ceremony or reception use bubbles, balloons, or bunches of candles. Bubbles reflect light in an interesting way and bubble machines can easily fill your venue. Balloons may seem silly, but they can be fun and add some whimsy to your wedding. Candles can add softer lighting and give the romantic atmosphere you want. Don’t be afraid to substitute real flowers for artificial ones, or stay away from flowers all together.

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